Lunes, Enero 9, 2012

Check This Site. But before you register please read at the bottom of this blog. 

During registration choose all categories...Lifestyle, Business, etc. so that you'll receive 6 to 10 ads everyday.

Daily average earning is $30 to $60 dollars plus %10 to %200 referral earning.

1. Select “View Ads” in the menu found at the left-hand corner of the window.

2. Click one of the advertisements.

3. On the upper right-hand corner of the window you will see the number of seconds. Wait for this to finish.
4. Once 60 seconds is over, “Click #” will appear. Beside it are the series of numbers for selection. Choose the appropriate number. E.g., “Click 5” then click 5. This is to verify that a human is viewing the advertisement. Once you click the appropriate number, $6 will be credited to your account. An average of $30 dollars daily will be credited to your account if you will log-in and view all of the advertisments everyday.

For those who would like to register, give it a try for six months if this site will pay real. I will do the same since I've just registered as a Free Member jus this week. I will update this blog after six months either the result will be positive or negative. If it's positive I will post the proof of payment from this site.

I advise that you don't purchase any upgrading of membership until you receive real payment from this site. If you do, then take it at your own risk.

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